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Proud to be part of Flat Creek, Tennessee!

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         There is nothing as delightful as life on the farm!




Emily, free-range rooster, Rosie, Gabriel and Mojo

We raise Polled Herefords and a have few nice Angus cows. Contact us if you'd like more info on buying a whole processed beef steer from us later this year. We sell you a live young steer that is antibiotic and hormone free, raised humanely on grassy hills of Flat Creek. We will take it to the processing plant for you and you choose how you want your cuts. You pick up and pay for the processing. We always sell out of steers quickly. The meat is lean and tastes terrific!

We are weaning this year's calves late summer/early fall and will be offering heifers and steers for sale then! We currently have one Jersey steer for sale, born December 2013 for $1200.



Our magnificent bull "Boomer"- a legend in his own mind!



We hatch chicks year-round! We vaccinate our chicks for Marek's at one day of age.

We have new batches of chicks hatching every week or so in the spring and monthly the rest of the year. We breed and raise Polish Crested (Frizzled and not), Silkie, Americauna, Buckeye, Welsummer, Dominiques and Easter Eggers. We also have some heritage Turkey Breeds (Royal Palm, Bourbon Red, Sweetgrass, Bronze, Spanish Black, Blue Slate and mixes!), Peacocks (India Blue, Black Shoulder, Cameo) and Silver Pheasant. Email us if you would like to be put on the waiting list and let us know what you want!

See our For Sale page for pictures of the birds.










Belfast Bandit-24 and fabulous!





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Morton Update

Email Golden Gaits Horse Farm


600 Hilltop Road

Shelbyville (Flat Creek), TN 37160


Our farm relocated to the heart of Walking Horse Country

in lovely middle Tennessee in 2006.

We are both veterinarians- we opened a mixed animal veterinary hospital

in rural southeastern NC in 1996 and sold it in 2006

to semi-retire to our lovely old farm in middle TN. Our love for

colorful gaited horses brought us to this area,

where now we spend most of our time with our Tennessee Walkers,

Spotted Saddle Horses, Curly Horses and Friesians!

We raise,breed and sell some interesting exotic poultry breeds.

Golden Gaits Farm also has a vineyard, we sell horse and cattle hay, and Hereford cattle.

Look at our FOR SALE page for some extraordinary prices

on some of our nicest TWH/SSH foals ever!



We pride ourselves in our combined 30+ years of veterinary experience breeding mares. If you have been having trouble getting your mare in foal, or just want very personalized, 24-hour-a-day veterinary attention for your mare in heat, give us a visit, or drop us an email to discuss your situation. We have experience breeding a variety of Warmbloods, Arabians, Quarter Horses, Racing Quarter Horses, Paints, most Gaited Breeds, Friesians and ponies and we understand the breed-specific idiosyncrasies of each. We enjoy the challenge, and we delight in every ultrasound of a 16-20 day old foal embryo! We firmly believe that a mare should be bred on HER schedule, and not on the veterinarian's. We live on the farm and are available to ultrasound and breed mares practically around the clock. Timing is everything during artificial insemination! We have gone to the barn many times in the middle of the night to check a mare for ovulation. We have a frozen semen nitrogen storage tank, and can store your frozen semen for you. We can pick up fresh cooled semen from stallion barns anywhere in middle Tennessee to breed mares in our care, or your mare's semen can be shipped to us.

 We offer outside veterinary breeding services for your mares on frozen and cooled semen from. (Please note that we are not offering cooled shipped semen on our own stallions). Please email us if you are interested in using us to help get your mares pregnant!

We continue to breed outside mares to our stallions on the farm, and have excellent mare-care facilities.  

We breed on the farm year-round.



          Alens Belfast Bandit is one of the winningest

Open Shod Spotted Saddle  Horse stallions ever.

He is also one of the best loved and most well known!

He is a gorgeous buckskin tobiano.    


    Amy's Organics!

My sister has launched an innovative business in Plainfield, IL. She delivers farm fresh organic food and all natural products to peoples' door in her Amy's Organics mobile!

ChCheck out her website by clicking here!




Please note: If you are planning on coming to see our horses, there are two Hilltop Roads in Shelbyville. Mapquest and most navigation systems will take you to the wrong one. Please contact me for directions.


Please support breast cancer research. Chances are that you or a woman in your life will be affected by breast cancer. My sister Amy and I have fought the battle and won, thanks to research, early detection, and the prayers of many!


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